Membership & Community

Membership Enquiries

  • Freemasonry is open to men who have a belief in a Supreme Being and are of sound character.
  • If you are 18 years of age or older and live in South Australia you can seek to join Lodge St Alban No 38.
  • There are no barriers to culture, creed or ethnic background. Freemasonry is universal in character.

Membership Applications

  • There are a number of formal steps to join, including the requirements to provide character references, a Police Clearance, completion of an Application to Join and a nominator and seconder to your application. The Application to Join is put to a ballot of members.
  • As a start point please contact the Secretary by email – arrangements will be made to meet for an informal discussion on a no commitment basis for you or the Lodge. If you are then interested in joining the requirements above will be followed.


  • The Lodge St Alban Freemasons Research Scholarships
    In partnership with the Freemasons Foundation annual post graduate scholarships are awarded at both Adelaide and Flinders Universities to an honour student in the area of health sciences.
  • J.R. Robertson Masonic Memorial Library
    Situated on the 4th floor of Freemasons Hall, 254 North Terrace Adelaide. Used by Freemasons for masonic research and open to the general public for research into family histories.
    The library is open 10am – 2pm Monday & Wednesday and on periodic Tuesday evenings in association with new member nights. Contact the Grand Lodge office for times and bookings.